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Friday, June 8, 2012

What I know about Action Research

In a short time I have learned quite a bit about "Action Research". Action research is a problem solving technique that can help an administrator and/or teacher to implement changes to help students/faculty be successful. In action research you define the problem, determine a course of action, take action, gather data, and then reflect on the success of the action.
Action research can be looked at as active data collection to solve a problem. As an administrator or teacher I can use action research to improve student performance (or staff/campus performance). I can as three questions: What is the problem; What can I do to improve the situation; How will the finished product look/How will I know I have achieved my goal?
In action research, "action" is the key word. You must do something. Implement a new procedure, try a new approach to a situation, try something you haven't done before, or do something in a new way. Then you have to look at the data that you have collected from the actions and determine if the changes made a difference. Was the problem solved? Did the situation change? Were the changes for better or worse? If the action you took didn't affect the change you were looking for, then you at least have found what doesn't work. If the changes gave you the results you were looking for, Hooray! Problem solved! Action research is an essential tool that will allow you to implement changes effectively and to solve problems.

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