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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Final Reflections on Research Course

I was not sure what to expect from this course. I have really only done the traditional research projects in the past, so working on an Action Research Project is a new experience for me. The lectures have been informative and have given me some insight into what I can learn and expect to learn from doing this project.
We have mainly read out of the two books:  Leading With Passion and Knowledge: The Principal as Action Researcher by Dana Nancy Fichtman and Examining What we do to improve our Schools: 8 Steps to improve our Schools by S. Harris, S. Edmondson, and J. Coombs.  I found both books to be very well written and helpful.  There were a lot of good facts in both books. I know I will use them for reference in the future.
I have gained more knowledge about how to conduct electronic searches using the topics and questions provided. This will be valuable knowledge as I go forward in my research project.
I have enjoyed the activities that we have had to do in this course. This course has provided many tools and resources that I will be able to use not only in this class but in other classes and projects in the future.
The discussion boards have been a valuable source of information and ideas. I like being able to “hear” other people’s thoughts on the same information that I am dealing with. I also learn something that I had never thought of and that is a useful tool. I recognize the value in sharing information and experiences with my classmates.
I really was not looking forward to creating a blog, when I saw that it was one of our assignments. But since I have done it, I am so excited about it and I am even planning on turning mine into a “real” classroom blog. I am enjoying reading and looking at other classmates blogs as well as all of the classroom blogs that are available. I probably spend way to much time doing this now, but I am learning so much information and so many great things that I can use in my classroom.
I have really enjoyed this course and I have learned many valuable things that will help me as I move forward, both in my education and in my career.

 Dana, N.F. (2009). Leading with passion and knowledge: The principal as action researcher. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press
Harris, S., Edmonson, S., Combs, J. (2010). Examining what we do to improve our schools. Larchmont, NY: Eye on Education.